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    A Quantum Leap in Water Filtration

    Energy, Water & Cost Efficient

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    A Quantum Leap in Water Filtration

    Unprecedented solutions for a demanding world

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    A Quantum Leap in Water Filtration

    Revolutionary Design & Technology

Specializing in advanced filtration solutions for difficult-to-treat waters, Spiral Water Technologies delivers breakthrough performance in today’s most demanding applications. The difference is our revolutionary Spiral Water® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter. Requiring no backwash or crossflow, it filters over 100 times dirtier water, uses 10% of the energy and delivers 99.9% water recovery to significantly lower CapEx and OpEx. And because Spiral Water’s one-pass filtration process automatically concentrates and purges solids – it provides both high solids filtration and valuable waste management and dewatering benefits.

Go farther. Do more. Use less. Spiral Water redefines what’s possible.

Going Above and Beyond:The Spiral Water Advantage

Automatic Fine Filtration & Product Recovery

Created specifically for high and variable solids removal, the patented design and operation of the Spiral Water ® Automatic Filter delivers a unique filtration solution for primary, pre-filtration and post-filtration applications across multiple industries.

  • Continous TSS Removal(up to 25,000 mg/L)
  • 10-100 Micron Filtration
  • 99%+ Water Recovery
  • No Backwash / No Cross Flow required
  • No Minimum Operating Pressure
  • Compact,Modular and Scalable
  • Energy,Water & Cost Efficient
  • Automatic Solids Concentration & Product Recovery