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    A Quantum Leap in Water Filtration

    Energy, Water & Cost Efficient

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    A Quantum Leap in Water Filtration

    Compact, Modular, & Scalable

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    A Quantum Leap in Water Filtration

    Revolutionary Design & Technology

Today’s industry demands new and better solutions for water disposal, reuse and recycling. In a world of high volume, high solids and mandated regulations, the efficiency of an automatic self-cleaning filter can provide a clear advantage. Spiral Water Technologies delivers the products that make the difference. The revolutionary design of our Spiral Water® Filter is capable of filtering up to 100 times dirtier water while using only 10% of the energy and a fraction of the footprint and weight. Now you’re looking at lower CapEx, lower OpEx, and 99.9% water recovery. That’s what we mean by quantum leap.

Spiral Water Automatic Filter Advantage

With its patented design and operation, the Spiral Water® Automatic Filter provides 10 to 100 micron filtration. This technology offers Industrial, Municipal and Marine customers a unique filtration solution for their primary, pre-filtration or post-filtration applications.

Innovative Filter System

  • Ultra High/Variable Suspended Solids Removal
  • Automatic and Self Cleaning
  • Revolutionary Cleaning System
  • Low Cost/Low Maintenance
  • Modular and Scalable

Revolutionary Technology

  • Continous TSS Removal(up to 25,000 mg/L)
  • 10-100 Micron Filtration
  • 99%+ Water Recovery
  • Low Power (Line Power or Solar)
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Light Weight / Small Footprint
  • No Minimum Operating Pressure
  • Low Pressure Drop (< 1 psi)
  • Easy Maintenance - Minimal Moving Parts
  • No Backwash / No Cross Flow
  • Automatic Solids Concentration