A Quantum Leap in Water Filtration

Redefining What’s Possible

Most automatic self-cleaning filters can’t handle high solids loading, nor oil and grease, making them insufficient for many industrial applications. Traditional solutions such as bags, cartridges and media filters result in equipment redundancy, large footprints, expensive human resources and an unfavorable environmental impact. High-end equipment like centrifuges and filter presses can be cost-prohibitive, and may not even meet more stringent standards.

Specifically designed to address high and variable suspended solids removal across multiple industries, the Spiral Water Automatic Self Cleaning Filter is redefining what’s possible in some of today’s most demanding applications. And because Spiral Water’s patented automatic filtration technology allows one-pass, low micron filtration — requiring no backwash or crossflow — the high and variable solids are automatically concentrated and purged in the process, providing easy solids recovery and a valuable de-watering solution.

Markets & Applications

“Product quality and business efficiency are equally important to us. Spiral Water improved both.”

– Pomegranate Juice Producer

“We like working with innovative companies that can help us grow our business. Spiral Water was able to show us an unexpected solution for improving efficiency and lowering cost.”

– Food Processing Plant Lab Manager

“We’re always trying to improve performance, and Spiral Water had a great solution to help us run at a higher level.”

– Marine Superintendent