Spiral Water wins Prestigious Global Water Awards

Making the case for Spiral Water at the 75th Annual International Water Conference

Speaking at one of the oldest and most respected water conferences in the world, Spiral Water CTO David Levitt presented Automated Self-Cleaning Filter for Ultra-High and Variable Suspended Solids Loading, detailing Spiral Water’s success in recent field testing for advanced remediation of oil and gas wastewater.

The IWC is the premier source of technical information and training in the industrial water and wastewater business today, spanning numerous industrial sectors and addressing today’s most relevant technical topics.

The technical presentation included the details of the operation of the the Spiral Water® Self-Cleaning Automatic Filter which consists of a metal filter membrane and a patented, spiral-shaped wiper which continuously cleans the membrane without downtime. Solids are collected at the bottom of the housing away from the filter. Influent concentrations can be upwards of 25,000 mg/l of suspended solids. A drain valve opens occasionally and ejects the solids with a minimal amount of water loss. Spiral Water filter units have filtration ranging from 10 to 100 microns. They can be used individually or combined in parallel to achieve larger flow rates. The Spiral Water Technology has low water loss, low power and a small footprint. It is designed for industries where high solids loading is combined with hydrocarbons or biosolids.

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