Spiral Water wins Prestigious Global Water Awards


Market: Wastewater Treatment

Application: Reusing Filtered Secondary Effluent at Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

Title: Wastewater Treatment

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Market: Food Processing

Application: Reducing biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) from food waste

Title: Success Story – RAISIN THE BAR

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Market: Beverage Processing

Application: High solids filtration/waste reclamation

Title: How Spiral Water® Put the Squeeze on Cost and Waste for High Solids Juice Processing

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Market: Power Generation

Application: Turbine seal protection for hydroelectric plant

Title: How Spiral Water® Made the Difference in Reducing Power Plant Downtime

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Market: Maritime

Application: High solids pre-filtration

Title: How Spiral Water® Delivered Operational Efficiency, Eliminating Downtime for a Great Lake Cargo

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