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Spiral Water created the next generation filter by solving the specific technological challenges of ultra high and variable total suspended solids.No other automatic self-cleaning filter can perform at this level.Our patented Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter consists of a rugged stainless steel filter screen and spiral-shaped brush that continuously clean the screen without requiring back wash, crossflow, high differential pressure or downtime.The unique one-pass system automatically senses, concentrates and purges solids, providing seamless waste management and de-watering solutions as part of the process.

How it Works
  • Filtered water passes from the inside to the outside of the proprietary stainless steel filter screen.
  • Spiral Water’s® patented, motor-driven, spiral-shaped brush continuously cleans collected debris from inside the filter element.
  • Solids are driven to the bottom of the filter housing and stored in the chamber until they are expelled through an automatic purge valve.
  • The system can operate at low inlet pressure and low differential pressure ( 1 psi).
  • Influent concentrations of suspended solids can be variable and as high as 25,000 mg/l.
  • No backflush, crossflow or booster pumps required.

Key Features

  • Max TSS: 25,000 ppm
  • 10 – 100 Microns
  • 99% Water Recovery
  • Small Footprint
  • Light Weight
  • Compact, Modular & Scalable
  • No Back Wash/No CrossFlow
  • Automatic Solids Concentration
  • 1 psi Pressure Differential.

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