About Industrial Water Filtration & Self-Cleaning Automatic Filter Tech

Spiral Water Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial water filtration systems for diverse applications, such as renewable natural gas, farm waste recovery, land-based desalination, recycled plastics, and food processing. As a one-stop shop for advanced filtration products, we can work with you to deliver a complete solution that meets your specific requirements.

Our self-cleaning automatic filter technology stands out from other self-cleaning backwash filters due to its ability to handle Total Suspended Solids (TSS) above 500+ ppm. The patented internal mechanical cleaning mechanism creates an innovative hydrodynamic agitation that keeps the filter clean while maintaining a constant differential pressure. This keeps the filters online and functioning, whereas conventional filters would overload and fail.

Here, we’ll provide a complete guide to our industrial water and wastewater filtration systems, including their various benefits and applications.

How Do Self-Cleaning Automatic Filters Work?

Our high-quality self-cleaning automatic filters work as follows:
The process fluid travels through the stainless steel filter screen from the inside to the outside.
All of our self-cleaning automatic filters contain our patented mechanical cleaning assembly. More than a simple brush or wiper our water spray hydrodynamic agitation, our system removes and collects solids for simple low-water waste discharge while continuously cleaning collected solids from within the filter element. These solids then accumulate at the bottom of the filter housing.
All accumulated solids are collected in a chamber. From there, they can be expelled through an automatically managed low waste concentrate stream or automatic purge valve.
The self-cleaning automatic filter system can separate ultra-high and variable suspended solids in concentrations up to 15,000 mg/L. It operates at low inlet pressure and a very low differential pressure of 1 psi. Additionally, no backwash, cross flow, or booster pumps are needed.

Challenges of Industrial Wastewater Filtration

Industrial water filtration is often faced with numerous challenges that can be addressed by our self-cleaning automatic filters. These challenges include:

  • Industry

    Industry Dependency on Media, Cartridge, and Bag Filters = Higher Disposal and Labor Costs

    Traditional filtration solutions like media filters, bags, and cartridges are labor-intensive and require expensive human resources. Our self-cleaning automatic filters automatically clean the screen when it becomes dirty, requiring nearly no maintenance or monitoring. While several settings on the system may require customizing, our filtration solutions are capable of managing themselves for improved simplicity, easy operation, and reduced labor requirements. These benefits are major driving factors behind the growth of the global automatic screen filter market.

  • Current

    Capabilities of Current Automatic Filters

    Other automatic filters available on the market cannot filter “difficult to treat” waters with variable or high TSS. Innovative self-cleaning automatic filters from Spiral Water can separate variable and ultra-high suspended solids above 5000+ ppm. Our patented filters and control systems can automatically manage conditions as high as 10,000 ppm without requiring operator assistance, providing end users with peace of mind.

  • Multiple

    Multiple Systems Required to Achieve Desired Results

    Bag and cartridge filter systems cannot completely filter out all TSS, requiring more advanced post-filtration to complete the task. At Spiral Water, we can integrate our self-cleaning automatic filters into any existing industrial wastewater filtration system, complimenting elements such as:

    • Membrane Filters
    • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Filters
    • Centrifuge Filters

    Our filters feature easy installation, minimal maintenance, and lower operating costs due to reduced upkeep.

  • Environment

    Environmental Impact

    Conventional filtration products waste large volumes of water, take up larger footprints, and have a negative environmental impact. Our simple yet proven and powerful filtration solutions address these issues by being able to filter up to 50 times dirtier water in a single pass while needing only a fraction of the energy and footprint required by other equipment. In addition, our automatic self-cleaning filters are much more efficient at clearing out waste byproducts than other filters. In many instances, our filters require much less water, downtime, and chemicals needed to clean the filtration mechanism.

Benefits of Our Commercial & Industrial Water Filtration Systems

Spiral Water offers industrial water filtration equipment that provides advanced security for process systems impacted by variable TSS and high solids loading of 10,000+ ppm. Our industrial water filtration systems can automatically manage variable TSS, with success in up to 20% of soft and well-fluidized solids by volume. This is a significant improvement over standard backwash filters that can only manage TSS less than 500 ppm.

What differentiates our industrial water filtration systems from typical self-cleaning filters is the ability to manage high amounts of TSS with optimal efficiency. They provide 99% continuous filtration and produce less water waste, making them ideal for any water recovery solution.

Other benefits of our industrial wastewater filtration systems include:

  • Effortless operation at low system pressures as low as 10 psig with no pulsing
  • Smallest footprint in the industry
  • Modularity and scalability
  • Available in single or multiple filter configurations to suit various applications and flow rates
  • No additional pump mods required for retrofits
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Reliable automated filtration from 10 to 1000 microns
  • Customizable to your needs

Our Industrial Water Filters in Action

Our reliable filtration products can be used across various applications, including:

  • Renewable
    Natural Gas
    Renewable Natural Gas Industrial Water Filtration Systems

    Renewable Natural Gas Industrial Water Filtration Systems

    Industrial water filtration plays a vital role in renewable natural gas (RNG) production. The process requires adequate filtration systems to convert decomposing material and off-gassing products into useful energy products. At Spiral Water, we can create water filtration systems to help customers benefit from the power of RNG.

  • Land-Based
    Land-Based Desalination Industrial Water Filtration Systems

    Farm Waste Recovery Industrial Water Filtration Systems

    Using our industrial water filtration technologies for farm waste recovery allows for the efficient production of clean water. This contributes to the provision of safe, reliable water supplies for communities and industries around the world.

  • Farm Waste
    Farm Waste Recovery Industrial Water Filtration Systems

    Vertical Farming Industrial Water Filtration Systems

    Recycled water contains a large amount of contaminants and microorganisms that can negatively impact vertical farming and other applications that depend on clean water. Our highly effective water filtration systems can enhance hydroponic farming efficiency by eliminating these unwanted impurities.

  • Commercial
    Commercial Building Water Filtration Systems

    Commercial Building Water Filtration Systems

    Commercial water filtration is crucial for nearly any type of business. A quality water filtration system from Spiral Water can significantly reduce the risk of contaminant build-up, which could otherwise damage plumbing systems and jeopardize overall performance.

Why Choose Spiral Water Technologies, Inc. for Industrial Water Filtration?

Spiral Water Technologies, Inc. offers high-performance, simple-to-use products for high solids filtration applications. Our innovative self-cleaning automatic filters are setting new standards for performance and offer an ideal solution for industries such as food and beverage, industrial wastewater treatment, RNG production, farm waste conversion, and many more.

For more information about our advanced filtration technologies, contact us today.