Spiral Water filters are ideal for a wide range of applications and industries including:

  • Industrial and organic wastewater treatment– SWT products can remove 50%+ of sediments above 20 microns from industrial discharges to rivers and streams
  • Pretreatment for MF/UF/RO
  • Food & beverage processing and wastewater reduction – SWT solves problems with high solids food & beverage applications for which there were, until now, no solution, and its ability to reduce the amount of wastewater from processing facilities minimizes service charges associated with wastewater disposal. Applications range from food processing waste streams to juice filtration, TSS removal in brewery wastewater, and more.
  • Power generation and hydro power – treating natural water for use in cooling systems; in addition, the filters can handle variable upset periods such as storms, algae blooms, etc. providing an “insurance package” for upset conditions
  • Biopharma
  • Hemp processing and wastewater recovery
  • Farm waste (digestate) recovery and reuse
  • Oilfield water (produced water and frac back)
  • Ships and offshore platforms – prefiltration for desalination

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