Introducing Spiral Water’s SWT850 + Pre-R/O System

Reverse Osmosis Filter SystemSpiral Water’s new Pre-Reverse Osmosis System combines our 15µ Automatic Spiral Water Model 850 PVC Filter with a Veolia’s powerful 1µ Z.Plex Cartridge Filter to deliver a host of benefits.

On their own, microfilter cartridges are prone to clogging if exposed to unexpected, high volumes of larger debris. But the inclusion of the 15µ Automatic Spiral Water Model 850 PVC Filter extends the life of the polishing 1µ Z.Plex Cartridge, which itself has 50x times the dirt holding capacity of a standard 40” 2.5 OD depth cartridge.

This new, extended long-life prefilter package has the unique added benefit that it manages upset conditions as high as 2000 ppm without operator assistance.  As natural water TSS varies (for example, unexpected increases in normal TSS solids caused by storms and/or system upsets), the Spiral Water 15µ filter automatically removes 15µ+ particles, whether it sees 100 ppm or 3000 ppm.

With a robust yet simple to use control interface, the Spiral Water Filter can detect sudden upsets in process flow and expel the debris through the automated purge line. This enables the Spiral Water Filter to maintain continuous filtration of the influent stream without the need for operator intervention or cleaning, thus reducing downtime.

Using self-cleaning automatic pre-filters to protect microfilter cartridge filters offers several important benefits, from extending filter life and reducing maintenance costs to improving filtration efficiency, protecting sensitive equipment and optimizing system performance, and improving filtrate quality.

Applications include water treatment, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical production and electronics manufacturing.


Reverse Osmosis Filter System Reverse Osmosis Filter System