Spiral Water Technologies, Inc. is a developer of custom systems featuring our patented advanced self-cleaning filtration products. Whether you require a standalone product, such as our Series 1000 or Series 850 automatic self-cleaning filters, or a full, custom integrated system, we can create a tailored solution that meets your requirements.

Our self-cleaning filters are specially designed to seamlessly integrate into our customers’ existing filtration systems, allowing for enhanced efficiency without extensive modifications. Additionally, we can design and engineer water filtration systems that incorporate our filters. For example, our High Solids Water Recovery (HSWR) System is equipped with Series 1000 self-cleaning filters, which can handle high solids loaded process water with TSS greater than 15,000 ppm. Another example is our Pre R/O System, which uses Model 850 automatic self-cleaning filters capable of handling upset conditions up to 2,000 ppm without operator assistance.

We can also customize control systems to our customer’s specific needs or based on an existing control matrix. Depending on the complexity of your application, our control systems are available with the following panel types:

  • Essential. This panel type supports Series 800 or 1000 filter systems and comes with features such as UL Type 4 rating, manual purge, time purge, motor sense purge, DP purge, continuous purge, motor speed adjustability, and remote start functionality.
  • Standard. This panel type offers the same features as Essential panel types along with branch circuit protection, intermittent brush controls, air regulator, UL Type 4X rating, fail-safe purge functionality, pressure transducer readout, door-mounted e-stop switch, cumulative system timers, pneumatic valve manifold for ancillary valve support, real-time display of parameters, network capability, Type UL 508a Listed, and a 7″ color touchscreen HMI.
  • Premium. With the Premium panel type, you get all of the features of our Essential and Standard options but with a 10″ color touchscreen HMI, incoming air-supply pressure failsafe detection, safety relay, HMI cover, internal control transformer for 120 VAC supply, stacklight, multiplexed system support, thermostat controlled enclosure, and optional heating/air conditioned enclosure.

20 Pack Assembly

Benefits of Using Spiral Water Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters

When you integrate Spiral Water’s automatic self-cleaning filters into your new or existing system, you gain access to the following benefits:

  • Lower operating costs. Using our automatic self-cleaning filters eliminates the need for disposable filters. Additionally, the automatic cleaning function takes place without human intervention, reducing operating costs.
  • Reduced maintenance needs. Our industrial water and wastewater filtration systems clean themselves while they work, requiring no downtime. This helps to save time and maintain continuous operations.
  • Ease of installation. Our automatic self-cleaning filters can be easily installed into your existing facilities or systems, providing a cost-effective and highly efficient solution for water and wastewater filtration.
  • Customization Capabilities. Compared to other water filtration system providers, Spiral Water is a one-stop shop for customizable filtration solutions. Our engineering team gets involved at the concept phase to develop a system that fully meets your needs. We can use CAD files to model how our products fit into your existing system or facility, reducing the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Versatility. Our automatic self-cleaning filters are suitable for use across diverse industries, including RNG, vertical farming, aquaculture, oil and gas, hemp filtration, and many more.
  • Professional Engineers (P.E.) On Staff. Our engineers are experienced in design, manufacturing, commissioning and operations.
  • Turnkey Systems Integration. Our P.E’s can assist in the conceptual early-stage development, helping you achieve your targeted solution.
  • Fully Customizable Solutions. You can get exactly what you need rather than force-fitting “standard commercial” filters into your specific process needs.
  • Suitable for Large End User Industrial Customers. solving high solids processing, and wastewater discharge to enable water recovery and reuse.

What Makes Spiral Water Technologies Different

Spiral Water’s self-cleaning automatic filters are capable of processing high amounts of variable TSS and high solids loading. Compared to conventional self-cleaning filters that can only handle TSS up to 500 ppm, our products can manage TSS above 5,000 ppm.

Our filters can automatically manage upset conditions as high as 10,000 ppm without operator intervention. This is because of our patented internal mechanical cleaning mechanism, which keeps filters online and functioning, whereas other filters would overload and fail. In multi-filtration processes, our advanced filter technology and control systems provide a top-of-the-line defense to give our customers peace of mind.

At Spiral Water, we don’t just sell our patented systems – we’ll work with you to tailor our products to fit your particular needs or facility. In doing so, we can create unique system solutions that align with our customer’s specific filtration requirements.

Industrial Wastewater System Integration Services

Industrial Wastewater System Integration Services

Industrial Wastewater System Integration Services

Industrial Wastewater System Integration Services

Industrial Water and Wastewater Systems Integration by Spiral Water

As a leading water and wastewater system integrator, Spiral Water can provide the right filtration products for commercial and industrial needs. We have experience with consulting engineers and EPCs, as well as large end-user industrial customers in the high TSS processing space. Whether you require a new filtration system or want to integrate our automatic self-cleaning filters into an existing system, we can deliver the ideal solution.

Our high-performance filtration products are capable of handling high solids concentrations with superior results and reduced system maintenance. For more information about our filtration products, or to get started on your custom integration solution, contact Spiral Water today.