Spiral Water Technologies Introduces Packaged, Turn-key High Solids Water Recovery System

Middlesex, New Jersey, February 9, 2021 – Spiral Water Technologies (SWT), a leader in advanced filtration and separation technology, has expanded its product line with the introduction of its High Solids Water Recovery (HSWR) System. This packaged, turn-key high solids filtration system combines the company’s Series 1000 automatic, self-cleaning filters with other industry equipment in various configurations depending on the intended application.
Based on Spiral Water’s patented technology, the HSWR System is able to receive high solids loaded process water with Total Suspended Solids (TSS) greater than 15,000 ppm to recover and reuse water with significantly reduced TSS and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand, an index of biological pollution in water).
In addition to the filters, the HSWR System utilizes an outside-to-in flow […]

Spiral Water Technologies Automatic, Self-cleaning Filters

Spiral Water Technologies’ (SWT) automatic, self-cleaning filters deliver high performance, high solids separation and concentration while significantly lowering Total Lifecycle Cost. Simple to use, they can filter water and other process fluids with up to 100 times higher solids than can be handled using traditional backwash filtration and separation technologies, while requiring just one pass and delivering 99% water recovery. SWT’s unique purge technology concentrates solids for less waste and in some processes, resale potential. Available in several configurations, they can be used for pre-filtration, as a primary filter, or for fluid reclamation from existing filter backwash or centrifuge underflow. Compact and lightweight, SWT filters can be used as standalone products, combined into multiplex filter skids, and/or integrated into larger […]

Cut Sheets and Sales Drawings

Series 800

SWT850-OEM Cut Sheet

SWT850-OEM Sales Drawing

SWT850-DPX Cut Sheet

Series 1000

T1000-OEM Cut Sheet

T1000-SMS Cut Sheet

T1000-QDP Cut Sheet

H1000-SMS Cut Sheet

T1000-OEM Sales Drawing

HSWR System

HSWR Cut Sheet

HSWR Sales Drawing

Market Solutions

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Waste Water Treatment Plants
Membranes, DAF, MBR’s
Food Processing Waste Streams
Juice Filtration
Brewery Wastewater TSS Removal
Farm Waste Conversion
Offshore/Shipboard Skids