Self-cleaning filter technology offers a viable and cost-effective alternative for treating difficult, particulate-heavy processes and wastewaters. This technology has existed for several years, but until recently, it had proven unable to handle high solids loading for an extended period without blinding off. 

To address this, Spiral Water Technologies (SWT) has developed a line of advanced automatic self-cleaning filters designed to remove ultra-high and variable TSS (15,000 mg/L and more) from a fluid stream while simultaneously concentrating solids for low-volume discharge.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters: Specs and Features

Spiral Water’s automatic, patented inline pressure filters require no cross flow, backwash, or booster pumps and perform at very low differential pressure. These filters operate very differently from standard backwash filters. 

The Spiral Water filter is a mechanical cleaning system that incorporates a  patented distributor/cleaning assembly that spins off tip vortices, creating a unique hydrodynamic agitation that more effectively keeps the filter clean while maintaining a constant differential pressure (DP) across the filter. 

Our filters use a spiral-shaped brush driven by a motor to clean debris continuously from the filter element, resulting in less than 1 psi head loss across the filter screen. A continuous concentrate stream or purge valve automatically removes solids collected at the bottom of the filter housing.

Spiral Water automatic self-cleaning filters feature a durable stainless steel filter screen and mechanical cleaning device to continuously maintain filter performance with no downtime. The single-pass system senses solids and automatically concentrates and purges them for optimal de-watering and waste management.

Spiral Water’s automatic, self-cleaning filter works as follows:

  • Process fluid travels through the stainless steel filter screen from inside to outside.
  • Our patented motor-driven spiral brush cleans the filter continuously.
  • Solids collect at the bottom of the filter housing and are stored in a chamber. Solids are then expelled via an automatic purge valve.
  • The system can separate variable and ultra-high suspended solids in concentrations up to 15,000 mg/L, and it operates at low inlet pressure and low differential pressure of 1 psi.

Spiral Water’s automatic self-cleaning filter technology offers the following performance features:

  • It operates in high solids loading of 10,000 ppm+, with success in up to 20% solids by volume if the solids fluidize well or are soft.
  • An agitator in the purge chamber keeps solids fluidized to prevent packing out.
  • Our solid sense technology activates self-cleaning purges in variable solids loading conditions.
  • Correctly sized filters operate with differential pressures of less than 1 psi.
  • The filter operates at pressures between 5 and 10 psig without pulsing.
  • The system can be configured with single or multiple filters to meet the needs of various applications and flow rates.

Applications for Automatic Self-Cleaning Filtration

Spiral Water’s automatic self-cleaning filters are ideal for a variety of industrial applications:

  • Industrial and organic wastewater treatment
  • Pretreatment for MF/UF/RO
  • Food & beverage processing and wastewater reduction
  • Indoor agriculture and vertical farming
  • Farm waste (both pre- and post-digestate) recovery and reuse including in renewable natural gas
  • Pre-filtration in containerized desalination units
  • Ships and offshore platforms
  • Power generation and hydro power
  • Biopharma
  • Hemp processing and wastewater recovery
  • Oilfield water (produced water and frac back)

Benefits of Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters

Spiral Water filters are the smart solution. Our  automatic self-cleaning filters provide numerous advantages including:

  • Reduced operating expenses. Supplies like disposable filters are not required, and the automatic cleaning function requires no operator intervention. This leads to decreased operation costs.
  • Less maintenance. The system requires no downtime for cleaning, as it cleans itself while it operates. This saves time and allows you to continue operations as usual.
  • Continuous flow for high pressure applications. Filtration and flow are continuous during cleaning and backwash cycles.
  • Simple installation. It is compact and allows for flexible installation and scalability.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters from Spiral Water

Spiral Water’s advanced filtration capability, mechanical cleaning, low pressure, low discharge, and concentrating abilities of Spiral Water’s filtration technology is enabling many industries to rethink the way they address and approach water treatment.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our high performance products.