Water not only plays a critical role in beer and spirits production, but it is also important to various distillery processes, including fermentation, mashing, cleaning, and cooling. The type and extent of water filtration required within breweries and distilleries can vary depending on several factors, such as the source water quality and the desired properties of the end product. Filtration methods are also influenced by local water quality standards and regulations, necessitating compliant and adaptable filtration systems. Opting for the right filtration technology, such as Spiral Water’s automatic self-cleaning filters, is crucial for both production efficiency and meeting environmental sustainability goals.

Distillery & Brewery Filtration

Spiral Water’s Filtration Solutions for Distilleries

Spiral Water’s next-generation automatic self-cleaning filters are used for a variety of purposes within distillery environments, including:

  • Organic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Pretreatment for Microfiltration
  • Water Recycling and Reuse
  • Removing High and Variable Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in Natural Water Sources
  • Removing Spent Grain
  • Enabling Water Conservation for a Reduced Environmental Impact

Specially created with our patented high solids filtration and concentration technology, our automatic self-cleaning filters can be used as a primary filter, pre-filter, or for reclamation. Their versatility allows them to handle varying aspects of spirits and beer production, and ensure the quality of cooling water.

Distilleries often turn to sources of “natural water,” such as lakes, rivers, and ponds, which can be affected by variable TSS and upset conditions. In these situations, our filters are capable of controlling TSS intake to protect critical plant processes.

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Benefits of Spiral Water’s Brewery Filtration Solutions

Our automatic self-cleaning filters offer numerous benefits for brewery and distillery applications. These benefits include:

  • Proper Organic Matter Management. Breweries often face unique challenges when it comes to wastewater management. Wastewater in these environments typically contains organic matter such as yeast, spent grains, and hops, all of which can be efficiently managed by Spiral Water’s filtration products.
  • Improved Bioreactor Efficiency. Bioreactors are commonly used in wastewater pre-treatment. Our automatic self-cleaning filters can significantly reduce suspended solids to improve the efficiency of these systems.
  • Reduced Wastewater Discharge Penalties. Our filter solutions ensure proper filtration to help breweries avoid high operational costs as well as penalties associated with municipal wastewater discharge.
  • Enhanced Brewery Operations. By providing efficient water filtration, our filter products can reduce municipal water costs and ensure breweries operate at their maximum capacity without interruptions.

The Technology Behind Spiral Water’s Industrial Filtration Success

Spiral Water’s automatic self-cleaning filters are known for their ability to remove wastewater TSS, as well as remove bulk solids up to 15,000 mg/l TSS. Removing TSS also typically decreases BOD and COD levels. Our proprietary one-pass filtration process eliminates backwash and cross-flow, helping to conserve water and increase uptime – both of which are critical for continuous production.

Our filters are distinguished by their ability to manage TSS levels above 500+ ppm, automatically handling upset conditions without requiring operator intervention. They also include our patented internal mechanical cleaning mechanism designed to keep the filter clean while maintaining constant differential pressure across the filter. This ensures that the filters remain operational even during high TSS events.

Spiral Water’s Impact on the Distillery & Brewery Industry

Spiral Water has worked with numerous clients in the distillery and brewery industry to deliver top-quality filtration solutions. The following case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of our brewery filtration systems in real-world scenarios, with documented improvements in bioreactor performance and wastewater management:

Industry experts and clients have acknowledged the reliability and efficiency of Spiral Water’s brewery filtration systems, which can deliver finer than 75 µm filtration and handle unexpected increases in TSS. Our innovative filter products and control systems provide peace of mind to brewery and distillery operators by ensuring protected and uninterrupted processes.

Why Spiral Water is Your Industrial Filtration Partner of Choice

At Spiral Water Technologies, we understand the unique filtration challenges faced by breweries and distilleries. To address these challenges, our automatic self-cleaning filters are capable of high and variable TSS removal, as well as bulk solids removal to ensure optimal wastewater management. These simple yet powerful filtration solutions not only improve operational efficiency but also help to reduce costs associated with municipal wastewater discharge.

For more information about our filtration products for the distillery and brewery industry, contact the experts at Spiral Water today.