Meet our game-changing filtration and separation products

Spiral Water offers solutions to meet the most challenging demands. Easy to use, our filters offer powerful performance while lowering Total Lifecycle Cost. They can filter water and other process fluids with up to 20 times higher solids than traditional backwash filtration and separation technologies can offer – and they require just one pass while delivering 99% water recovery.

What Makes SWT Filters Different than the Competition

  • Operates in high solids loading of 10,000 ppm+ with success in up to 20% solids by volume
  • Operates at constant differential pressures less than < 1 psid
  • Operates effortlessly at low system pressures 10 psig – no pulsing
  • Provides filtration and solids concentration

We offer several configurations of our advanced automatic, self-cleaning filters to accommodate a wide range of high solids filtration and separation needs:

  • The Series 800 Model 850 Automatic Filter is our cornerstone product. Available in PVC, CPVC and stainless steel, the Model 850 is the latest evolution of our widely used Series 800 filters – our most compact product line. These single unit PVC filters are designed for up to 60 pressure up to 100 psig @ 70 degrees F. Higher temperatures up to 180 degrees F can be achieved with our CPVC and stainless steel housings.
  •  Our larger Series 1000 Automatic Self-cleaning Filters are designed for higher pressure, higher temperature. Available in stainless steel, single housing filters are designed to handle up to 200 gpm, and pressures up to 150 psig and temperatures up to 180 degrees F. The Model T1000 is intended for standard industrial applications while Model H1000 accommodates sanitary food contact applications.
  • Our High Solids Water Recovery (HSWR) System is a packaged, turnkey system that combines our Series 1000 automatic, self-cleaning filters with other industry equipment in various configurations depending on the intended application.

Our technology focuses on TSS/BOD removal specifically by the retention and concentration and removal of suspended solids. It handles high TSS loading of over 5000 ppm, while providing continuous 15 to 1500-micron filtration. They can filter up to 20 times more solids in just one pass, while requiring only a fraction of the energy and footprint required by large capital equipment. Learn more!