Meet our solutions providers: insights from findlow filtration

Thanks to our colleagues at Findlow Filtration for sharing your impressive experience and philosophy with our readers.

Based in Blue Ash, Ohio, 20 minutes north of Cincinnati, Findlow Filtration, Inc. has earned a well-established reputation for customer satisfaction, providing tailored product solutions and expertise in helping companies improving their filtration processes.

Our family-owned company was founded in 1956 by Robert Findlow, who was joined by his sons in the 1960-1970s. With the philosophy of the “right product for the right application” and applying the extensive knowledge their team had attained, Findlow Filtration became a clear leader for filtration processes. Today, as a third-generation business, we remain committed to providing superior customer experience and accurate solutions for companies’ filtration processes.

We look for good solutions for our customers. We care about our customers’ results, and we care about their ROI. Our company has been around forever because we treat our customers like a small family business would. We’re not just looking to sell an item – we want to establish relationships that are decades long, not a quarter or two.

Findlow represents Spiral Water products in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and we are expanding our reach into the mid-south, where industrial growth is strong with much of it centered around EV production.

We are finding that customers want us to serve their larger footprint in North America. We’re perfectly happy to go wherever we need to in order to serve their needs.

Findlow carefully selects the manufacturers we represent. We have worked with Spiral Water for several years. We’ve got their filters running out there, and they’re working really well. For example, one of our customers uses a pond at their facility for their processed water. Their system incorporates a first stage Spiral Water filter and a media filter behind it. With the Spiral Water unit, we took the back washing load off of the media filter by a factor of four.