Spiral water introduces model s1000 filter for industrial market

Spiral water introduces model S1000 filter for industrial market, expands portfolio of advanced filtration solutions

Spiral Water Technologies, a developer of advanced filtration solutions for difficult-to-treat waters, introduces the Model S1000 automatic self-cleaning filter. Made with a robust stainless steel housing, the new Model S1000 can be used for both process and wastewater streams. Designed to remove ultra-high and variable total suspended solids (TSS) from difficult-to-treat fluids in industrial process and wastewater treatment applications, it is ideal for use in such markets as food and beverage, power, chemicals, metals, and mining.
Model S1000 applications include:

Fluid Filtration and Product Recovery: Filtration of industrial and beverage products to remove suspended solids or recover high-value solids from process streams. Examples are wine and juice filtration, liquid fertilizer, and other industrial fluids.
Bulk Solids Removal: Removal of solids from wastewater streams in the food and beverage, municipal wastewater and other industries streams where suspended solids reduction is required for discharge or reuse. Examples are wash water in food and beverage processing and the reduction of organic matter in wastewater streams for TSS and BOD reduction.
Equipment Protection such as removal of suspended solids in process water or wastewater that would foul or destroy industrial process equipment. Examples include nozzle and heat exchanger protection.

“Given the strong market pull for our technology in the industrial and wastewater markets, we have invested in a robust stainless steel filter for high flow, high temperature and high pressure applications,” said Ashwin Gulati, President and CEO of Spiral Water. “We look forward to working with our customers and partners to provide an innovative and cost effective way to solve their filtration and product recovery needs.” With a maximum flow rate of 1360 cubic meters per day (250 gpm), the S1000 is designed for over three times the flow of Spiral Water’s Model 800 Series, the company’s initial product. It can also operate at higher pressures up to 10.3 bar (150 psi) at 70°F, and at higher temperatures up to 105°C (220°F). Multiple filters can be set up in parallel for higher flows. Spiral Water’s filtration technology differs from traditional automatic self-cleaning technologies in multiple ways. Not only do the energy efficient units provide solids concentration; they are capable of finer filtration and can filter up to 250 times dirtier water than traditional automatic self cleaning filters while achieving up to 99% water recovery.

The units are also compact, modular and scalable to meet each customer’s requirements. Each filter unit contains a motor driven, spiral shaped brush that continuously cleans collected debris from inside the filter element. Solids collect at the end of the filter housing to be expelled through an automatic purge valve or a continuous concentrate stream. The system does not require high pressures to operate and performs at very low differential pressure. No backwash, cross flow or booster pumps are required. Spiral Water has received global recognition by winning first place in two international competitions: Global Water Intelligence’s Technology Idol Award in 2015 for the early-stage company whose technology could change the future of the water market, and Bluetech’s Disruptive Technology Award in 2016 for the company with best disruptive technology based on customer use cases.

For additional information about Spiral Water’s new S1000, visit www.spiralwater.com or email info@spiralwater.com About Spiral Water Technologies Spiral Water Technologies (www.spiralwater.com) specializes in advanced filtration solutions for difficult-to-treat fluids. The Spiral Water Automatic Self Cleaning Filter was specifically designed to address the issue of high and variable suspended solids removal across multiple industries, and has delivered breakthrough performance in some of today’s most demanding applications, including industrial process, wastewater, oilfield water and pre-filter for RO/UF. Founded in 2012, Spiral Water is based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA.