Swt introduces high solids water recovery system

Spiral Water Technologies Introduces Packaged, Turn-key High Solids Water Recovery System

Middlesex, New Jersey, February 9, 2021 – Spiral Water Technologies (SWT), a leader in advanced filtration and separation technology, has expanded its product line with the introduction of its High Solids Water Recovery (HSWR) System. This packaged, turn-key high solids filtration system combines the company’s Series 1000 automatic, self-cleaning filters with other industry equipment in various configurations depending on the intended application.
Based on Spiral Water’s patented technology, the HSWR System is able to receive high solids loaded process water with Total Suspended Solids (TSS) greater than 15,000 ppm to recover and reuse water with significantly reduced TSS and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand, an index of biological pollution in water).
In addition to the filters, the HSWR System utilizes an outside-to-in flow drum screen to remove the bulk of the large particles from the flow. The effluent is then fed into an equalizer tank before being pumped into the SWT 25μm automatic T1000 filter, which further reduces TSS and BOD by up to 50% and 30%, respectively. The automatic filter purge is then fed into a spiral compactor along with screened waste from the drum screen.
The system effluent from the automatic filter can be sent to local municipalities with reduced TSS and BOD, or it can be diverted to a temporary holding tank and used in other plant processes. In food systems, for example, the collected and recovered biomass can be used in secondary market purposes.
The HSWR is controlled and monitored by a single control panel and utilizes equipment from Spiral Water as well as other leading separation equipment manufacturers. The Spiral Water engineering team can also design and build custom solutions taking a similar approach but using alternative technologies suitable for specific challenges.
“Our mission is to provide customers in a wide range of markets with affordable products that can solve high solids filtration challenges. We are 100% committed to helping customers around the world achieve their most challenging, high solids, water reuse and recovery goals,” said Gerard J. Lynch, P.E., Chief Executive Officer of Spiral Water Technologies..
In addition to the HSWR System, Spiral Water markets a range of filters that are proven to deliver superior performance while reducing CapEx and OpEx. Designed for high TSS/BOD removal, all SWT filters can handle high TSS loading of over 500 ppm, and process bulk solids removal up to 15,000 mg/l TSS (15% by volume), while providing continuous 15-to-1500-micron filtration. They can filter up to 50 times dirtier water, in just one pass, while requiring only a fraction of the energy and footprint required by large capital equipment. In addition, SWT’s proprietary purge technology concentrates solids to reduce waste.

About Spiral Water Technologies
Spiral Water Technologies develops and markets high performance products for advanced high solids filtration and concentration applications. The company’s patented automatic self-cleaning filtration technology delivers superior results while reducing CapEx and OpEx for low Total Lifecycle Cost. Spiral Water products provide breakthrough performance in some of today’s most demanding applications, including water reuse and recovery; pre-filtration for DAF, MBR and RO/UF; industrial water filtration; and concentration of valuable or resalable product from non-hazardous wastewater.