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How spiral water put the squeeze on cost and waste for high solids juice processing

How Spiral Water Put the Squeeze on Cost and Waste for High Solids Juice Processing

Trucking its raw pomegranate juice to an off-site centrifugal separation system, a grower/producer in California was experiencing high operating expense and 13% product loss during processing. In addition, the severe centrifugal forces applied to the juice had an adverse effect on its flavor. And with centrifugal separation, 400 gallons of product were lost in processing […]

Swt in action: helping a fruit and vegetables processor reduce chemical costs and  increase system uptime

SWT in Action: Helping a Fruit and Vegetables Processor Reduce Chemical Costs and Increase System Uptime

Spiral Water Technologies was contacted by a fruit and vegetable processor to help them address two major issues: how to reduce the level of chemical consumption while also increasing their system’s processing uptime. Here’s how our advanced automatic self-cleaning filters helped. The problem The Spiral Water team learned that this company (now a customer) wanted […]

Attending the world filtration congress and weftec: it was good to see everyone in person!

Attending The World Filtration Congress and WEFTEC: It Was Good to See Everyone in Person!

The COVID-19 experience taught us many things but certainly one key takeaway is that nothing can replace in-person meetings with our colleagues, customers, and friends. In October, Spiral Water attended two major events in the filtration and water/wastewater treatment space: World Filtration Congress 13 (WFC 13) in San Diego, where we exhibited our advanced automatic […]

Showcases products at world filtration congress 13 in san diego!

Showcases Products at World Filtration Congress 13 in San Diego!

Spiral Water exhibited at the World Filtration Congress 13 (WFC 13), October 5-9, 2022 at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton. We showcased our next generation automatic self-cleaning filters for advanced high solids separation and concentration. We were proud to take part in this prestigious event. Hosted by the American Filtration and Separation Society, WFC 13 […]

Meet our game-changing filtration and separation products

Meet Our Game-changing Filtration and Separation Products

Spiral Water offers solutions to meet the most challenging demands. Easy to use, our filters offer powerful performance while lowering Total Lifecycle Cost. They can filter water and other process fluids with up to 20 times higher solids than traditional backwash filtration and separation technologies can offer – and they require just one pass while […]

Leveraging the potential of advanced filtration and separation

Leveraging the Potential of Advanced Filtration and Separation

Saturday, May 15th, 2021 in 2021, By Gerard J. Lynch, PE Today, advanced filtration technology is helping companies in the food & beverage industry address their process water and wastewater disposal needs. This article discusses the many considerations that come into play when selecting the optimal filtration system. Read more

Advances in automatic water filtration for hydroelectric

Advances in Automatic Water Filtration for Hydroelectric

Advances in Automatic Water Filtration Offer New Opportunities for Hydroelectric Power Plants Whether the cooling water source for these plants is an ocean, river, lake or pond, hydroelectric power plant operators increasingly rely on automated self-cleaning filters to remove fish, Quagga, Zebra mussels, sediment and silts from incoming water sources. Read more

Swt introduces high solids water recovery system

SWT Introduces High Solids Water Recovery System

Spiral Water Technologies Introduces Packaged, Turn-key High Solids Water Recovery System Middlesex, New Jersey, February 9, 2021 – Spiral Water Technologies (SWT), a leader in advanced filtration and separation technology, has expanded its product line with the introduction of its High Solids Water Recovery (HSWR) System. This packaged, turn-key high solids filtration system combines the […]

Spiral water technologies automatic, self-cleaning filters

Spiral Water Technologies Automatic, Self-cleaning Filters

Spiral Water Technologies’ (SWT) automatic, self-cleaning filters deliver high performance, high solids separation and concentration while significantly lowering Total Lifecycle Cost. Simple to use, they can filter water and other process fluids with up to 100 times higher solids than can be handled using traditional backwash filtration and separation technologies, while requiring just one pass […]

Spiral water model 1000

Spiral Water Model 1000

Automatic self-cleaning Model H-1000, collects and concentrates high solids food waste from process water. The unique one-pass system automatically senses, concentrates and purges solids, providing a seamless waste water management solution. All Spiral Water Model 1000 Systems reduce water loss by 80% when compared to other backwash filters. Applications include water reuse in food processing […]

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